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La Le Lo Child Development Home is a stimulating and caring environment designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development. We provide a variety of learning experiences that encourage a positive self-image and a joy in the learning process

As a childcare provider, it is our responsibility to provide children with an organized supportive child-directed learning environment. Emphasis is placed on sensory activities, self-help-skills such as serving snacks and lunch, language development, social/emotional skills and motor skills. We strongly believe developmentally appropriate education is based on the idea that children learn best through exploration and play oriented. Children grow, learn and acquire individually at their own pace, Engaging in activities to challenge themselves and build feelings of success.

We respect each child as an individual with unique qualities of personality, intelligence, and creativity. Our highly trained and educated staff has set up an environment that is clean, fun, creative and most importantly "child centered". 

We will encourage your child to learn and develop at his or hers own level. With guidance and understanding, they will gain confidence of self-importance and have the opportunity to explore their own world in a safe and controlled environment.

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Laughing Often, Learning Always and Loving Unconditionally