Child Development Home
Learning At La Le Lo

I incorporate a preschool curriculum into our daily activities to support infants and toddlers, to being nurturing, consistent, and loving, throughout our daily experiences, and to prepare older children for school. I offer individual and appropriate activities that are specifically designed to help the children grow and develop based on his/her strengths and weaknesses; addressing all areas of development. 
  • Dramatic play 
  • The diversities in life 
  • Music and movement 
  • Finger play games 
  • Math concepts 
  • Science and discovery concepts 
  • Language skills 
  • Kindergarten readiness skills 

  • ​Fine/Gross motor skills 
  • Following directions 
  • Social skills 
  • Increasing their self esteem 
  • Creative art/sensory play 
  • Separating from parents 
  • Problem solving 
  • Safety skills: Learning their name & phone number, medicine, fire,
       earthquake, animal & stranger 

  • Preliteracy skills (tracking using bubbles, room word search and flash card games)
  • Prewriting skills (using journals, coloring, chalk boards, painting, following the dots & tracing) 

Language/Verbal Skills: Help children acquire and develop speech. Play telephones, books and a variety of stories about pretend and real situations, puppets, interactive games, written or audio materials in the child's home language, story boards, table talk and more...

Cognitive/Creative Skills: Help children think clearly and solve problems. Matching, sorting, arranging things in sequence, counting things, measuringrecognizing and creating patterns, comparing differences and similarities, puzzles, blocks, magnets, magnifying glass, a balance scale, sand or similar substance and cars and ramps. Also child directed creative art, using items such as, large pieces of paper, child safe scissors, non-toxic paint, play dough, miscellaneous materials such as scraps of construction paper, fabric, yarn, wood, buttons, feathers, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, etc... 

Physical/Musical Movement: Help children discover the magical, universal, and educational wonders of music. Musical chairs, dancing with scarves or streamers, musical instruments, and a wide variety of music from around the world. Also playing with large and small balls, large and small hoops, ride-on toys, push toys, running relay races and other outdoor active play, etc...

Social Skills: Help children cultivate group interaction, confidence, and self-esteem. We also use table talk (children sharing stories), the children make choices to be kind and make new friends, etc...

Dramatic Play: Role plays by dressing-up in clothing from around the world. Using props, blocks, stuffed animals, dolls, miniature animals and people, doll houses. Dressing-up in career clothing, such as, a nurse, doctor, police, fire fighter, mail carrier, and other clothing from around the world. Your child will be working with their hands using real tools, such as, a hammer, screw driver, drill, saw, level, measuring tape, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, broom and dustpan, measuring cups and spoons, also puppets and the Karaoke machine.
Laughing Often, Learning Always and Loving Unconditionally